Mobile web site what are the current optimization techniques

Medical industry in increasing mobile web site construction recently, but mostly mobile website doesn't rank! Don't know if other industries mobile website optimization have began to study! Hope to have a big sum up the experiences of some dry to share!
Mobile web site address: baidu search engine other search engines.
Mobile web site keywords ranking mechanism and the traditional ranking mechanism is similar, but pay more attention to the content.
First: the code beginning to fully show the site is a mobile portal, is a protocol, can search the Internet search. With this can prove that the web is a mobile website.
Second: internal framework is concise, more easy to watch and click operation.
Again: image ALT attributes must be well done, because the picture click will bring a large number of customers.
Then, write the title and other website information, to highlight the mobile website, it can more easily on the mobile search engine rankings. Mobile search engine rankings with traditional mobile substation site ranked.
Finally: regular updates, exchange links, as long as it is mobile station can be, according to the observation of around six links will make ranking relatively stable, a snapshot in time.





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